What is Halftime?

You are probably going to live a whole adult lifetime that wasn't available to your parents and grandparents. Their life expectancy at birth was 50 years. We have two lifetimes now. Life I is what occurs before halftime, and Life II comes afterwards. Most people have a pretty good plan for Life I, but few can see their way forward into Life II.

Halftime is the in-between season that occurs at about age 45, plus or minus a few years. It's the time first described in the book, Halftime - the season of "now what?" In our time, halftime really marks the end of Life I and the beginning of this whole new second adult season that we've identified as Life II or the second half. Halftime used to be the beginning of the end. Now it is the beginning of a whole new beginning: a season that for many has turned out to be the richest and most meaning-filled season of all.

Peter Drucker once told Bob Buford, "The strongest insight you had in Halftime was that there is more than one lifetime."

Life II takes most people by surprise. Most people are unprepared and they are searching for meaning in mid-life.

The Halftime organization is the leading authority on creating a second half defined by joy, impact and balance.  We've served thousands of men and women from varied backgrounds. We also serve organizations like Kingdom Advisors, Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and World Presidents Organization (WPO).

Our Mission:

We inspire and equip high capacity leaders who desire to invest their time, talent and treasure and leverage their worldly success into eternal significance

Our Values:

  • We believe God calls leaders around the globe to do something significant with their time, talent and treasure and we have been called to serve these people.
  • We believe God creates every person for a purpose. Halftime provides products and services to help our clients discover their purpose and lead lives of significance.
  • At our core we are a Christian organization, helping people pursue their Ephesians 2:10 calling.
  • Working in association with the Halftime organization is not so much a job, but rather a calling.
  • In all of our dealings, we will act:
    Honestly, openly and with integrity


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