Bob BufordUntil the sale of his company in July 1999, Bob Buford served as Chairman of the Board and CEO of Buford Television, Inc., a family-owned business that started with a single ABC affiliate in Tyler, Texas, and grew to a network of cable systems across the country.

In 1994, Buford wrote Halftime, a book that came out of his mind and heart on how to find meaning and fulfillment in the second half of our lives. Those who read Halftime and Game Plan (published in 1997) often want to know more about the endeavors in which Bob Buford is involved as a result of his own “halftime” experience.

In 1997, Bob launched the Halftime organization, an initiative of Leadership Network to help successful people convert their faith into action and effective results. The mission of Halftime is to develop strategy and resources to equip business/professional leaders to achieve maximum leverage and return on the investment of their time and resources measured in changed lives and healthier communities.

Halftime is taking on the challenge of joining two distinct cultures – those of business/professional leaders and nonprofit leaders – in partnerships at the local community level where the business/professional leader sees and touches the lives of the recipients the partnership services.

Bob is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and of the Owner Managed Program at  Harvard. He has played active roles in Young Presidents’ Organization and World Presidents’ Organization and serves on the board of the Hauser for Nonprofit Organizations at Harvard Center Business School. He and his wife, Linda, live in Dallas.

Connect with Bob

Bob maintains a personal site for his thoughts and discussions on converting the latent energy in American Christianity into Active Energy. Visit

Bob hosts each Halftime Institute in Dallas TX. This highly-interactive and intensive 27-hour experience offers both Bob's personal insights and the input of peers.  See Halftime Institute to learn more.

Over the years, so many people have asked, "Bob, when are you going to write your next book?"  Bob's answer:  "I've decided to write MY NEXT BOOK in serial form on the Web--a chapter each couple of weeks.   It's fast.  It's fresh. It's free and it's forwardable to your friends as a discussion starter."  See the latest entries via Bob's Muse-letter.

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